Asian Fisheries Society

Fish Health Section Conference

From the Pillars to the Next

6-8 September 2023, Bangkok, Thailand

Fish Health Section Thailand Department of Fisheries

Aquatic Animal Health: Learning from the past to inform the future

About FHS

The Fish Health Section of the Asian Fisheries Society (FHS-AFS) is one of the formidable professional societies in the world.

Formally established in 1989, FHS-AFS has provided a unique, consistent and dedicated platform for both senior specialists and young career entrants and all others in between for the last 30 years.

FHS events allow members to meet and engage to share knowledge, keep abreast of new developments, expand networks, establish new partnerships, keep the burning passion of finding solutions to aquatic disease challenges, or even just catching up with small talk as part of being a colleague, mentor and mentee.

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Conference objectives

This meeting will create an occasion for continuing mentorship, with senior experts providing their outlook and perspectives based on decade long experiences.

  • Provide a platform for exchange of experience and guidance from senior experts (pillars) to the current generation of fish health enthusiasts (future pillars)
  • Provide a forum for important issues and updates on aquatic animal health through scientific presentations and open discussion
  • Showcase the Fish Health Section from its inception to how it became one of the most reputable networks on aquatic animal health globally


Plenary speakers

Finfish health

Professor Ikuo Hirono

Fish immunology research for fish vaccine development

Professor Andy Shinn

Translocation of tilapia's tiny terrors: Nile tilapia and its parasites

Associate Professor Win Surachetpong

New challenges, new solutions: Mitigating emerging diseases in aquatic animal health

Mr. Amorn Luengnaruemitchai

Practical biosecurity measures in tilapia hatchery

Shrimp health

Dr. Chalor Limsuwan

Challenges and disease management in shrimp aquaculture

Dr. Grace Chu-Fang Lo

Passing on the torch of wisdom in shrimp aquaculture research

Professor Han-Ching Wang

Taking up the torch of wisdom: An interdisciplinary cooperation of science, implementation and vision for shrimp aquaculture animal health

Dr. Kallaya Sritunyalucksana

Scientific, technological and social solutions for sustainable aquaculture